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Health Workforce Advisory Committee


In 1999 the General Assembly directed the Joint Commission on Health Care to review the efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes of the Commonwealth's health workforce initiatives. The resulting document, the Health Workforce Study (Senate Document No. 47) contained a policy option that the Joint Commission on Health Care could introduce legislation directing the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to coordinate the Commonwealth's efforts in recruiting and retaining providers for underserved areas and populations.

The next year, HB 1076 was introduced. It established VDH's health workforce duties and responsibilities and required VDH to establish a Health Workforce Advisory Committee to advise it on all aspects of VDH's health workforce duties and responsibilities.


The mission of the Health Workforce Advisory Committee is to advise on all aspects of VDH health workforce duties and responsibilities.

VDH Health Workforce Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Designating Virginia Medically Underserved Areas;
  2. Designating dental, primary care, and mental health professional shortage areas;
  3. Administering the Virginia scholarship and loan repayment programs;
  4. Recruiting health care providers, residents, and students;
  5. Publicizing the functions, programs and activities of VDH available to assist providers in establishing a practice in under served areas;
  6. Coordinating its health workforce activities with other state agencies as well as public and private entities;
  7. Identifying and recommending to the Governor and to the General Assembly new programs, activities, and strategies for increasing the number of providers practicing in virginia's under served areas; and
  8. Submitting annual reports on the activities and accomplishments of VDH relative to recruiting and retaining providers.

For additional information about HWAC, please email Alice.Peyton

Last Updated: 01-10-2014

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