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Freedom of Information (FOIA)

As agent for the Department of Health, the Office of Licensure and Certification (OLC) is subject to Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, the OLC’s records are available for inspection and copying, upon request, during regular business hours (i.e., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday).

The OLC is not required to create a new record if the record does not already exist and may abstract or summarize information contained in a record as agreed between the requester and the OLC. In addition, the OLC may charge for the actual costs incurred in accessing, duplicating, supplying, or searching for the requested record(s).

Under $10.00 (approximately 40 pages) - No charge
Over $10.00 - 25¢ per page

By law, the OLC has 5 working days to respond by:

1. Providing the record(s) as requested;

2. Withholding the record(s) because release is prohibited by law pursuant to the Freedoms of Information Act or their release is otherwise prohibited by law. Such response will be in writing identifying with reasonable particularity the volume and subject matter of withheld records and citing the specific Code section that authorizes the withholding of records;

3. Releasing a portion of the record while withholding a part of the record because release of part of the record is prohibited by law. The OLC will provide a written response identifying with reasonable particularity the subject matter of the withheld portion and the specific Code section that authorizes the withholding of the record; or

If it is not practically possible to provide the requested records or determine whether the record is available within 5 working days, the OLC will respond in writing, specifying the conditions that make a response impossible. The OLC has an additional 7 days to provide one of the 3 proceeding responses.

The OLC also has the right to petition the appropriate court for additional time to respond to a request if the request is for an extraordinary volume of records and a response within the time frame will prevent the OLC from meeting its operational responsibilities. The OLC will make a reasonable effort to reach an agreement concerning the production of the requested records, prior to proceeding with court action.

To file a FOIA request:

Request(s) must identify the desired record with reasonable specificity. In order to facilitate a response to your request, please include your complete name, mailing address, and a daytime telephone number. FOIAs can be delivered to the OLC by:

US Postal Service:

Office of Licensure and Certification
Virginia Department of Health
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 401
Richmond, VA, 23233- 1463

FAXed to: 804.527-4502

Last Updated: 12-30-2011

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