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Thomas Jefferson Building

Thomas Jefferson Health District


Help Improve Community

District Epidemiologist, Stuart Hutter, and Emergency Planner, Ryan McKay, talk about Ebola and the flu on the Morning News

Health Whys

Booster Seats

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Pregnancy and Parenting Resources

Volunteer for the Thomas Jefferson MRC

TJMRC volunteers assist in public health emergency response. There are roles for both medical and non-medical volunteers assisting in: special medical needs shelters, mass dispensing of medicine and vaccines, triaging and treating patients during a pandemic, and investigating infectious disease outbreaks. Read more


Flu shot Ebola Ebola

Resolved to be Ready Move Health Clinic Schedules

 The 2012 Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan is now available!
View the complete version here

Emergency Preparedness & Response

The Office of Emergency Preparedness program develops education and services to effectively respond to any emergency that impacts public health. We work with local, regional and state emergency response partners to enhance readiness and response to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and other public health emergencies.
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Last Updated: 03-12-2015

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