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Food Regulations: Effective Date: January 1, 2010 These regulations govern the construction and operation of food establishments. Learn what is necessary to open a restaurant and what the health department looks for during an inspection (and no, you won't find a requirement for customers to wear shirts and shoes).

Forms: Application for a Permit, Application to process or distribute Grade A milk

Hotel Regulations: 12 VAC 5-431-10 et. seq Effective Date: March 2002

Forms: Application for a Permit

Regulations for Summer Camps: 12 VAC 5-440-10 et sec. Effective Date: Unknown

Forms: Application for a Permit

Rules and Regulations Governing Campgrounds: 12 VAC 5-450-10 et sec. Effective Date: July 21, 1971

Forms: Application for a Permit

Regulations Governing Tourist Establishment Swimming Pools and other Public Pools: 12 VAC 5-460-10 et sec. Effective Date: March 1, 1962

Forms: Application for a Permit

Swimming Pool Regulations Governing the Posting of Water Quality Results: 12 VAC 5-462-10 et sec. Effective Date: August 1, 1994

Forms: N/A

Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction and Maintenance of Migrant Labor Camps: 12 VAC 5-500-10 et sec. Effective Date: November 1, 1980

Forms: Application for a permit

Last Updated: 02-19-2015

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