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VDH Strategic Plan

VDH's strategic plan can be viewed by clicking on the links listed below.  Legislation (HB2097) enacted by the 2003 General Assembly required each state agency to develop a strategic plan.  VDH's strategic plan contains the agency's vision and mission statements, 11 agency goals, and other provisions.

A key component of the strategic planning process was the identification and development of service area plans.  VDH has 41 service area plans, which are reflective of the large number and wide variety of public health services that we provide.  The service area plans contain objectives, performance measures, and strategies.  Each of the 41 service area plans may be viewed by clicking on that service area plan’s link.  There is also a link to view the agency strategic plan.  The strategic plan is, in many ways, a high-level summary of the service area plans.

VDH’s strategic plan and service area plans will be regularly updated.  Key opportunities for updates will be in December, when the Governor introduces the Budget Bill, and in May when the General Assembly enacts the Appropriation Act.

VDH Management Scorecard

Ratings are given for the following functions:

  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management and Budget Reform
  • Government Procurement
  • Technology
  • Performance Management

View Management Scorecard

Last Updated: 07-18-2011

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